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3 & 4 Year Old Kindergarten

At Early Years @ Phoenix Park, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality kindergarten program that caters to the unique needs of each child through a variety of learning opportunities. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to be both intentional and emergent, striking a balance between educator-led and child-led learning. This approach ensures that each child is at the heart of their educational journey, receiving holistic, individualized support and guidance. Each classroom's program is uniquely shaped by the children within it, with our floor books documenting their learning, daily conversations, and our educational goals. Our enriching play spaces, tailored to spark imagination, creativity, and a love for learning, are carefully set up to reflect current interests and learning outcomes. These environments support dramatic play, imaginative play, creative exploration, sensory experiences, musical learning, creative arts expression, and outdoor nature play. We are dedicated to incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, and knowledge into our daily programs, fostering a deep connection to country and place. By encouraging children to engage in risky play, such as hammering nails or climbing trees, we provide them with safe opportunities to test their limits and build confidence in their abilities. At Early Years @ Phoenix Park, every child is seen as an individual with unique skills and knowledge, bringing their own special contributions to our kindergarten each day.

Kindergarten Programs 

Early Years @ Phoenix Park offers a variety of long day childcare, integrated, and sessional kindergarten programs. We aim to support the different needs of families within each of our services, as well as our communities. You can choose what works best for your family and children – the kindergarten programs are the same. All of our kindergarten programs are led by a qualified early childhood teacher and offer a play-based learning program.

  • All our kinder programs are developed based on your child’s interests, strengths, and learning needs.

  • All early years programs use the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework to guide learning outcomes, which is the curriculum for the early years of learning.

Image by Michael Jerrard

4 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten

Funded Kindergarten Program


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Wrap around care available

Image by David Clode

3 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten

Funded Kindergarten Program


Monday & Tuesday

Wrap around care available

Image by Natalie Su

3 & 4 Year Old Integrated Kindergarten

Partially Funded Kindergarten Program


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Minimum of three days required


The Victorian Government is making it easier for families to find funded and approved kindergarten programs. For kinder you can count on, just look for the Kinder Tick.

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