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Bush Kinder Session Program

Early Years @ Phoenix Park has introduced to their kinder program a bush kinder program.   

One out of the three, 5 hour 4-year-old kindergarten sessions of the sessional program will run at the local Urban Forest in Malvern East.

The program will be implemented by one of our Kindergarten teachers who is also a qualified trained Forest School Leader.


The activities involved will be varied, ranging from free play, lots of time for unstructured play, climbing and experimenting, to guided walks and more structured sessions.

Unifying principles of outdoor learning are to encourage child-led learning, enquiry and play and uses a range of learner-centred processes to create a community for development and learning.

Why are we taking the learning outdoors?  Outdoors is not only a fantastic place for children to run, jump, explore and learn but children who learn outdoors are less disruptive, show improved social skills, motor skills and physical health and develop resilience, self-awareness, independence, confidence and creative leaners


Bush kinder aims to promote a holistic development while connecting children to nature.

The importance of learning outdoors is clearly identified in the Early Years Framework and National Quality Standards for Early Childhood. 

As stated in Quality Standard 2 learning outdoors promotes a child’s health through relaxation, physical activity and experiences. By placing children in a natural outdoor setting Quality Standard 3, they have the opportunity for independent exploration and to participate in real-life projects and care for the environment they live in.


Current research suggests that children need to spend much more time playing in our natural world.    When considering kindergarten for your child, it is important to consider whether they run a bush kinder program and whether it is the right fit for you and your child.

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